security of transactions

Payments on our website are completely safe thanks to the online payment system provided by our banking partner, BNP Paribas.

Your bank details will be encrypted, which means they'll be coded in such a way that they are illegible on the Internet. They are forwarded to Crédit Agricole by secure means (128 bit SSL technology) and are never kept.

SSL = Secure Socket Layer

It is a system for exchanging information between two computers safely . SSL provides three things :

Privacy : You can not spy on the information exchanged.
Integrity: It is impossible to rig the information exchanged.
Authentication: It ensures the identity of the program , person or company with which we communicate .

Therefore, your payment is 100% secure.


We accept payment by credit card, visa and mastercard.


We accept all American Express cards.


Since 1998, PayPal has been a secure and easy way of paying online. PayPal allows you to pay online without having to give your bank details at the time of transaction. You therefore have the option of paying for your goods by simply entering your e-mail address and PayPal password.

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